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Alder, Vera    The Finding Of The Third Eye    932    14.95

Summarizes the ancient wisdom along with modern science. Discusses breathing, diet and color in the development of the third eye.

Allen, James    As a Man Thinketh (booklet)    014    3.50

Represents success and health through the power of thought and its effect on life. It teaches two essential truths: today we are where our thoughts have taken us and we are the architects - for better or worse - of our futures.

Amber, Reuben    Color Therapy     016    16.00

Enumerates the myriad ways chosen to consciously use color to influence our bodies, minds and souls to promote balance, health and overall well being.

Anderson, U.S.    Three Magic Words    015    15.00

A series of essays to help in obtaining answers to your problems and create the experience you desire in life.

Andrews    How to See and Read The Aura     509    8.95

If you've ever felt immediately comfortable - or uncomfortable - around some one you just met, you've sensed a persons aura, the energy field that surrounds the human body. How to See and Read the Aura not only teaches you how to see the auras, but what auras reveal about a person's physical, emotional, and spiritual self as well. Through easy to follow exercises you will learn to see the color of the aura and interpret its meanings.

Andrews, Ted    How to Do Psychic Readings through Touch    103    7.95

Psychic Touch (psychometry) is one of the easiest abilities to develop. Learn the simple techniques needed to enhance your skill.

Andrews, Ted    How to Heal With Color    340    9.95

Explanation of how to Heal with Color shows you how to use the vibrational effects of color to heal both yourself and others.

Andrews, Ted    How to Meet & Work with Spirit Guides    511    9.95

Teaches you how to identify and contact spirit for your benefit. Using the safe and easy techniques in this book you may be advised by spirit guides and comforted by loved ones.

Andrews, Ted    How to See and Read the Aura    509    8.95

Teaches you how to see the auras, what auras reveal about a person's physical, emotional, and spiritual self as well. You will also learn to see the aura's color.

Auble    Index of Names for Modern American Spiritualism    475    1.00

Vol. 1 & 2 by Emma Hardinge
Alphabetic index of all names, movements, philosophies and Spirit messengers included in the 2 volume set by Harding (BKS446)

Austin, B.F.    The ABCs of Spiritualism    019    4.50

Questions (100) most commonly asked about Spiritualism

Austin, Lou    You Are Greater Than You Know    483    6.50

Written for those who know there must be a better way of life than the one they are now living.

Awtry (SAM Inc.)    Contemporary Definitions of Psychic Phenomena (booklet)    273    4.45

To stimulate a desire to understand today's terminology in the field of psychic science and related subjects.

Awtry (SAM Inc.)    Natural Law Governs (booklet)    270    8.75

Includes the Study Book and Work Book. The study of natural laws of the universe.

Awtry (SAM Inc.)    Origin of Modern Spiritualism     268    2.25

Reprint of statements of the witnesses to the rapping's at Hydesville.

Awtry Marilyn    Spiritualist’s View of the Bible (booklet)    271    7.95

This book also includes a study workbook along with the comprehensive understanding of the Bible.

Awtry-Smith (SAM Inc.)    Clairvoyance and How To Do Good (booklet)    272    1.25

Reprints of Andrew Jackson Davis works regarding “Clairvoyance” and “How to do Good”.

Awtry, Marilyn     Booklet 3 Table Tipping     998    4.95

A background history and “How to” of table tipping

Awtry, Marilyn    Cassadaga Where Spirits Meet    978    18.95

The true story of the founding by George P. Colby of the hamlet that became known as Cassadaga, Florida. The facts of the establishment of the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp meeting Association by 13 Spiritualists.

Awtry, Marilyn    History of the NSAC (booklet)    020    2.50

Learn more about the history of the NSAC and how it came to be.

Awtry, Marilyn    Light From Beyond the Tomb - Spiritualism Survived     708    14.95

A death-blow attack on Spiritualism was written in l888 but was killed beyond a shadow of doubt. The unfortunate life of the Fox Sisters brought them to assist in this attempted lethal act.

Awtry, Marilyn    Living In The Light/ A Guide to Spiritualism’s Philosophy    939    17.95

The author offers essential guidelines for the understanding of life, death and the hereafter.

Awtry, Marilyn    Path of Light 2 Volume set    968    25.00

Awtry, Marilyn    Path of Light Vol 1    969    12.00

Provides the reader a clear and concise overview from forerunners of the movement, Fox Family events and family tree progress leading to the culmination of organized Spiritualism.

Awtry, Marilyn    Path of light Vol 2    970    12.95

Spiritualism of the 21st century brings you the experiences of a free-thought science, philosophy and religion. Discussion of the aspects of the Trinity of Modern Spiritualism.

Awtry, Marilyn    River of Life: How to Live in the Flow     745    17.95

Identifies 76 of the Spiritual Laws and a brief on the Physical Laws. The concluding chapter offers a “how to” section on unfoldment.

Awtry, Marilyn    Spiritualism & the Bible Connection    913    13.95

The confusion still exists about Spiritualism's connection to the Holy Bible. This book clarifies the facts about Modern American Spiritualism and the Holy Bible.

Awtry, Marilyn    Spiritualism On The Move A Reality Check for the New Century    917    22.00

Begins with outlines major historical events of the movement from its inception. Concludes with opinions from around the world for Spiritualism's revival and growth in this century.

Awtry, Marilyn    Sunflower series Booklet 1 Spirit Photography    987    4.95

Awtry, Marilyn    Sunflower series Booklet 2 The Home Circle     997     3.50

Awtry, Marilyn    The Sunflower (leaflet)    297    1.25

A brief history of the Sunflower as the symbol of Spiritualism.

Awtry, Marilyn    They Paved the Way (booklet)    470    12.00

Facts about the forefathers of Modern Spiritualism and the many others who diligently supported the movement. Their persistence have given us a firm foundation.

Awtry, Marilyn    You and a Way    021    . 50

An introduction to "the Way" called Spiritualism. (Leaflet)

Bach, Richard    Illusions    956    8.00

More adventures of a reluctant messiah.

Bach, Richard    Jonathan Livingston Seagull    954    12.95

A story for people who follow their hearts and make their own rules.

Bach, Richard    The Messiah’s Handbook    955    14.95

A handbook of reminders for the advanced soul.

Baldwin    Life's Companion    022    15.95

This luminous book on journal writing and inner development will help you discover the precious bond between spiritual experience and every day event that is in the heart of the spiritual.

Barbanell, S.    When a Child Dies (E)    023    12.00

Evidence of survival from children who have made their transition. An excellent book for those suffering the loss of a child.

Barbanell, S.    When Your Animal dies (E)    024    15.00

Barbanell presents the case for animal survival. Remember that the pet you have lost for a while will awaken to perfect health with all ills vanished. Proof that our pets await us in the Spirit side of life.

Barham, M.    The Silver Cord    025    13.95

A valuable opening to answering universal questions about the spiritual bases of our lives and the incredible process of becoming a human being. Fantastic information, moving and useful.

Barker, Elsa    Letter from the AfterLife    910    14.95

Letters presents an “astral travelogue” that describes often eloquently, sometimes humorously, life in the „invisible” world.

Barker, R    Spiritual Healing for Today    026    9.95

Deals exclusively with the subject of healing its basis, rationale, and its practice. Four background lessons then a series of 12 short coherent, practical lessons that distill Dr. Barker's half century of front line experience in the healing ministry.

Barnes, Dr. Victoria    Natural Law    194    6.00

Presentation of two of the more important branches of Natural Law which have a direct bearing on the unfoldment of mediumship.

Barnes, Dr. Victoria    What is Spiritualism?    725    1.50

Pamphlet covering the basics of Modern Spiritualism, Mediumship and Spiritual Healing.

Barnes, Peggy     Ancient & Modern Prophets    033    5.00

Lessons on prophets, seers and religion.

Barnes, Peggy    A Way of Life    039    4.00

21 lessons received through divine revelation.

Barnes, Peggy    Alone with God    027    6.05

Day by day in the silence - a lesson each day for a month.

Barnes, Peggy    Chemistry of Thought    028    6.00

Differentiate between positive and negative thinking and how to use this power.

Barnes, Peggy    Christian Bible its Prophets & Mediums    029    4.00

An understanding of mediumship as it was taught and practiced by the prophets of the Bible.

Barnes, Peggy    Fundamentals of Spiritualism    030    7.00

Lessons covering the religion of Spiritualism.

Barnes, Peggy    Laws of Spirit Mediumship     031    4.00

Questions (100) and answers on the laws governing Mediumship

Barnes, Peggy    Lo, I am With You Always    032    4.00

A treatise on physical Mediumship.

Barnes, Peggy    Psychic Facts    034    4.00

Lessons (15) on the laws governing mental and physical Phenomena

Barnes, Peggy    Self Realization    036    4.00

Lessons (15) covering self and mind.

Barnes, Peggy    The Questionnaire    035    8.00

Questions (100) and answers on the philosophy of Spiritualism.

Barnes, Peggy    The Story of Healing    037    5.00

Lessons(15) from primitive to modern methods of healing.

Barnes, Peggy    Trinity of Spiritualism    038    5.00

Lessons (16) on the Science, Philosophy and Religion of Spiritualism.

Barwise, Mark    Preface to Spiritualism    041    3.00

For beginners, Barwise explains the Science, Philosophy and Religion of Spiritualism.

Bassett    On The Side Of Angels (E)    363    16.60

The story of Gordon Higginson, Britains best known medium, whose gifts include not only trance and clairvoyance, but the dramatic faculty of materialization when the so called dead literally appeared in the seance room to be reunited with loved ones.

Batten    The Third Helix    542    5.00

A scientific explanation for the creation, existence, and survival of the Spirit.

Batten, Albert    Love And Progress    541    16.95

Spiritualism teaches that our life on earth is simply a kindergarten in the life of the soul. Our soul is on journey of eternal progress.

Beard, Paul    Hidden Man (hard cover)     325    10.95

For those who are trying to understand life's enigma. A unique journey to find deep within ourselves, the inner intuitive being, the hidden man

Beard, Paul    Living On (hard cover)    326    10.95

Considered by some to be the best account to date of this uncharted experience we call death.

Beard, Paul    Survival of Death    327    8.25

An impartial discussion on the evidence for and against the human survival of death.

Becker, F.    Message Gems    042    2.00

Sayings of encouragement for meditation.

Becker, F.    The Science of Being    537    8.00

The contents were received from wise teachers in the Spirit World through the amazing mediumship of the Reverend Florence S. Becker, founder of the Golden Gate Spiritualist Church in San Francisco.

Berowitz, R.    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Communicating With Spirits    501    18.95

Presents the how and why of spirit communication than this is the book for you. Great for beginners.

Bletzer    The Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary    430    26.95

A monumental technical work unequaled in the fields of parapsychology, occult sciences, and holistic philosophy. Compiled for the researcher, student, or professional, it boasts over nine thousand entries arranged in a comprehensive, annotated, user-friendly manner, and is fully cross-referenced.

Bloodworth, V.    Key to Yourself    043    10.95

Blend of modern psychology and old spiritual principles for health, success, prosperity, friendship and pleasure.

Boddington    Materializations (E)    295    15.35

Though extremely rare, materialization is one of the most dramatically evidential forms of Mediumship. In this masterly investigation into materialization, leading Spiritualist Harry Boddington examines a range of seance room phenomena including table tilting, levitation, and ectoplasm.

Boone, J.    Kinship with all Life    044    12.95

Real life experiences showing how animals communicate with each other and people.

Borgia    More about Life in the World Unseen    047    14.00

In this, second book, Robert continues his work in the Spirit World and gives a description of he and Ruth's work among the newly arrived in his realm. He gives a description of meeting the great composers and men who are extremely advanced in the parts of medicine and horticulture and explains how that work is related to those on the earth.

Borgia    More Light (E)    265    21.00

Second Book in this series, Monsignor Benson takes a theological theme with special reference to the creeds and some of the so-called miracles as narrated in the New Testament.

Bostwick    Meditations To Empower Your Soul    890    12.95

This book of meditations contains the keys to empower your soul. Spiritual laws intended for everyday. Reflective essays teach you a simple system of balancing the energies of the mind/personality with energies of the soul. What you understand, you have the choice to control.

Bostwick, M.    Animal News from Heaven    891    17.95

How our animals exist, where they go when they make the transition from this life to the next and how they work with Spirit .

Bostwick, M.    More On the Conquering Soul    479    14.95

This is a continuation of the first The Conquering Soul and includes thirty-one different games. If you are seeking spiritual principles devoid of dogma, you will find this book invaluable.

Bostwick, M.    The Conquering Soul    477    14.95

How to align the personality with the soul to become a Conquering Soul. Showcased in 25 mental games, the personality frequently plays in its attempts to reign supreme over the soul.

Brackett    Materialized Apparitions    549    12.80

Experiments, investigations and records in materialization and Etherialization.

Braude    Radical Spirits NO DISCOUNT    288    23.95

Radical Spirits is a landmark in the history of women's political activism and in the history of women and religion in America. The Spiritual movement not only provides a religious alternative to male dominated religions, but also gave women a social and political voice.

Brennan    Hands of Light    049    30.00

A guide to Healing and the human energy fields.

Brennan    Light Emerging    352    27.00

Shows how we can be empowered as both patients and healers to understand and work with our most fundamental healing power.

Briggs    The Encyclopedia of God    840    15.95

A reference book offering a stimulating and inspiring review of the thoughts of hundreds of scholars, religious authorities, mystics and others on the nature of God.

Bristol, C.    The Magic of Believing    050    10.00

Whether you want a better job, a new home, or a happier relationship, this best selling classic can show you how through the very real magic of believing.

Bristol, C.    TNT the Power Within You    051    12.00

A practical exposition on mind management and personal progress. Tells how anyone can open the door to unlimited resources within and have the desires of his/her heart.

Britten    Autobiography of Emma Hardinge Britten (E)    079    19.20

Publicizing her own experience and the philosophy of Spiritualism.

Britten    Faiths, Facts and Frauds of Religious History (E)    406    11.78

An enlightening account of many different aspects of philosophy and science.

Britten    Ghostland    052    21.55

Spiritual mysteries and experiences; magnetic influences, spirit, mediums, etc.

Brooks    In the Light of Healing    302    12.95

Collection of sermons given by Nona L. Brooks during her many years as minister of the First Divine Science Church in Denver, Colorado. They stand as an affirmation of the road she traveled.

Bruce / Mercer    Mastering Astral Projection    860    21.95

A ninety-day program, in workbook style format, designed to help you achieve repeatable, conscious out-of-body experiences. Includes a CD-ROM with custom designed trance meditation sound programs to assist in the process of achieving an out-of body experience.

Bruce, Robert    Astral Dynamics    716    18.95

Informative, in-depth explanations and data. Explains the why's and how's in easy to understand language. Excellent glossary and bibliography. Very well indexed for ease in handling.

Bruce/Mercer    Mastering Astral Projection    806    21.95

A 90 day program, in workbook style format, designed to help you achieve repeatable, conscious, out-of-body experiences. Includes a CD with custom designed trance meditation sound programs to assist in the process of achieving an out-of body experience.

Buckland    Buckland's Book of Spirit Communication    514    17.95

A rarely found collective of multiple “How-To's”. Informative, insightful material that is easy to read and follow.

Budilovsky    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Meditation    580    18.95

Down to earth styles and types of meditation. Easy ways to relax and reduce stress.

Burroughs    Becoming a Spiritualist    055    8.00

A book for beginners. Sets forth some of the teachings leading to the advancement of the individual.

Burroughs    Meditations, Reflections    056    2.50

A book of meditations.

Buscaglia    Living, Loving & Learning    057    10.00

Collection of information and amusing lectures.

Buscaglia    Love    058    12.95

Love is learned and everyone can learn how to love.

Buscaglia    Personhood    059    12.95

Discovery of self is a universal quest and a state of being that brings with it the power to experience the texture of life with greater intensity and sensitivity.

Butler T. and L.     There is No Death and There are No Dead    415    18.00

Objective evidence collected from Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and Video Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC) reveals that Spirit actively seeks ways to contact us and to offer guidance to experimenters on improving these communications.

Cadwallader, M.E.    Hydesville in History    060    3.50

History of the Fox cottage and the Fox sisters. This book gives the reader a factual account of the birthplace of Modern Spiritualism.

Cameron    Prayers to the Great Creator    584     16.95

Prayers & Declarations for a meaningful Life. Heart steps, Blessings, Transitions & Answered Prayers all in one volume.

Carroll, Bret E.    Spiritualism in Antebellum America NO DISCOUNT    315    50.35

During the decade before the Civil War, a growing number of Americans gathered around tables in dimly lit rooms, joined hands, and sought enlightening contact with spirits. In this study, Spiritualism emerges as a reflection of and a reaction to many currents in antebellum American life.

Carter, Chris    Science and the Near-Death Experience    931    19.00

Details the history, physics, and observed phenomena that will forever change how we look at the human brain. The author examines the hypotheses that have historically explained away the near death experience.

Cayce, Edger    Soul & Spirit    733    15.95

A compilation of some of Edgar Cayce's readings on the subjects of Spirit and the Soul. It discusses the development of the Soul, finding yourself, service to others, and practicing the fruits of the Spirit.

Chaffee    Accountable Leadership    303    27.95

A must for all church leaders. A guide through legal, financial and ethical issues.

Chambers    Our Life After Death    062    16.50

Truth is such a rare quality, a stranger so seldom met in this civilization of fraud, that it is never received freely, but must always fight its way into the world. This book will shock many-if you are strong and seek truth, this book is for you.

Chesney    You are Sentenced to Life    064    14.00

Presents historical facts of cave drawings, artifacts, photographs and written documentation of Spirit existence.

Chopra, Deepak    Perfect Health Revised    065B    16.00

Here is an extraordinary new approach to healing. This book is mystery, wonder and hope.

Chopra, Deepak    Quantum Healing    066    16.00

Here is an extraordinary new approach to healing. This book is filled with the mystery, wonder, and hope.

Chopra, Deepak    Seven Spiritual Laws of Success    077    16.00

Based on Natural Laws governing all of creation. Offers a life altering perspective on the attainment of success. Chopra distills the experience of his teachings into seven simple principles that can easily be applied to all areas of your life.

Chopra, Deepak    The Book of Secrets    957    15.00

The 15 keys to live a life of meaning and purpose.

Clark, Glenn    The Man Who Tapped The Secrets Of The Universe    933    11.00

This book details the philosophy and teachings of Walter Russell as told to Glenn Clark.

Colville    Catechism of Spiritual Philosophy    067    3.00

Lessons (12) designed in a question and answer format for the purpose of shedding light on many Spiritual topics.

Colville    Law of Suggestion    283    1.50

What is suggestion and how does it differ from compulsion or coercion?

Colville    Universal Ethical Teachings    269    3.00

An effort to trace the source and some of the cardinal doctrines of universal religion.

Colville    Universal Spiritualism    281    10.95

Textbook for the inquirer and excellent reference material.

Cook, Grace    Meditation    068    13.95

Methods of meditation and spiritual unfoldment which can be practiced alone or in groups.

Cooke    Healing by the Spirit    053    11.95

A book by a remarkable healer, with much of White Eagle's teachings about Healing by the Spirit. It will be of value to all involved holistic healing, either as a healer or patient. Ivan Cook explores the whole principle of healing.

Crawford    Through the Eyes of Spirit    386    13.00

A Medium's unique perspective of how spirit communicates with her, and why these moments of communication can change one's whole way of looking at life.

Crookes    The Phenomena of Spiritualism    071    9.65

Spiritualism as viewed by light of science.

Cummins    Swan on a Black Sea (E) hard cover    323    16.00

Detailed information about incidents in the lives of a group of people communicating after their death.

Cutler, Lelia    Spiritualism as prepared by the Rev. Lelia Cutler    884    3.00

for the Jeffers Report 8-2008

Cutlip    Pioneers Of Modern Spiritualism 5 volumes    075    10.00

The careful compiling of the five volumes by Audra Cutlip presents information in a clear, concise manner yet with essential detail as needed.

Cyford    The Ring of Chairs    467    21.95

This book, tells of Spirit's effort to guide those seeking mediumship and spiritual unfoldment in the safety of the development group circle.