National Spiritualist Association of Churches

Fox Property

The FOX PROPERTY PROJECT started in 1998 when the property was acquired by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches. A memorial park was designed for Spiritualists Worldwide. Since that time, the property was cleared, seeded with new grass, the foundation of the Fox Cottage was exposed, a covering placed over it, and the first phase of the park was completed. See all of this and more for yourself by purchasing a DVD slide show of the development of the park. You won’t be alone when you watch it. Spirit is present on some of the pictures. You can own a copy of the DVD by filling out the attached order form and sending it to 

NSAC Headquarters 
13 Cottage Row, PO Box 217 
Lily Dale, NY 14752 

Share this experience with friends on Postcards made exclusively for the Fox Property Project. 

All proceeds from the sale of the DVD and Postcards will be used to continue to fund the project. There is still time to purchase a paver or a bench to be placed on the property. Find more information here. Forms to order pavers can be found here or obtained from the NSAC office. Follow the project on Facebook.



4 postcards available at NSAC office







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